Assisi, San Francesco Basilica and other Franciscan sites

The site comprises a rather large territory where most of the important Franciscan places are located. Besides the historical center, delimited by its walls, it includes the San Francesco Basilica, just within the town walls, the Carceri Hermitage in the Subasio mountain, the Saint Damian and Rivotorto sanctuaries and the Santa Maria degli Angeli Basilica in the plain. Assisi, already an ancient sanctuary in antiquity, has been associated with Saint Francis and the Franciscan Order since the 13th century, exercising an important influence in Italy and in the world. Assisi and its built territory represent an outstanding example of an Umbrian hill town and cultural landscape that has maintained its historical stratigraphy since antiquity. The works of medieval masters have made Assisi a fundamental reference point for the development of Italian art and architecture.